Rwanda Specific Programmes

Unit 1 – Welcome to the classroom

Key Unit Competence: To use language learnt in the context of the classroom.

Learning objectives

Knowledge and understanding

  • Identify personal and possessive pronouns.
  • Recognise words for classroom instructions.


  • Recognise familiar names and words.
  • Greet people at school and in a home setting.
  • Recognise and respond to greetings in words and gestures.
  • Ask someone their name and say their own.
  • Introduce themselves and others.
  • Listen to and follow

Attitudes & Values 

  • Listen carefully.
  • Pay attention to the teacher.
  • Enjoy yourself.
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Greeting people

  • Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, hello, how are you? I am fine, thank you.

Introducing oneself

  • My name is Felix. I am Felix. What is your name?

Introducing others

  • This is Felix. He is Felix. His name is Felix. Who is this?

Giving and following instructions

  • Stand up, sit down, clap, concentrate, listen, look, repeat, speak, sing, etc.

Vocabulary Instructions/Orders

  • Stand up, sit down, repeat, listen, etc.

Language structure

  • Possessives: my, his, her.
Learning Activities
  • Greet learners in class and let them respond appropriately.
  • Mime greetings and the learners imitate and respond aloud.
  • Learners practise greeting each other.
  • Learners introduce each other.
  • Listen and respond to words, stories, nursery rhymes, chants, poems and songs about greeting people.
  • Create actions for some instructional words e.g. clap, listen (tug ear), look (point to eye). Learners imitate and say the words
  • Match pictures with spoken words and phrases.
  • Listen to the sounds and words and repeat.

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