Helen Callanan has worked as an education consultant on international education projects for the past 15 years. A strategic technical expert in programming design, curriculum design, materials development, teacher continuing professional development (CPD) training, and capacity building. Areas of focus include programming design, designing aligning teaching materials with primary competence based curricula, extra curricular programmes to enhance students’ learning.

The consulting business draws on specialist informed research, educational cultural realities in under-resourced countries, refugee camps, education in emergencies, formal and non formal education, literacy, numeracy and educational inclusion. Ms Callanan has worked with Ministries of Education, international non-governmental organisations and private funding companies as a senior technical specialist and manager.

Clients Include:


Being from Ireland where English is spoken as a first language I have an understanding of the use of English as a communicative tool without  attachments to English culture. Using country specific curricula, I ensure that content is developed that:

  • is rooted in its own locality and context;
  • meets the needs of its own learners;
  • takes national requirements and international expectations and put them in a local setting

I challenge international education teams to address cultural assumptions based on their education cultures and to rigorously test alternative educational cultural methodologies to reflect the education realities of where the programs are based.

I have built a reputation for delivering strong interactive content and for developing the capacity of primary and secondary school teachers and teacher inspectors.


Programming design:

  • Design and alignment of  teaching materials with schools’ curricula learning outcomes
  • Design and alignment of teaching materials with schools’ competence based curricula
  • Design of extra curricular programmes to enhance students’ learning
  • Developing teacher continuing professional programmes
  • Design and development of teacher training and train the trainers’ programmes and materials for face to face and remote training

Promoting and drawing on the use of recycled and environmentally friendly teaching materials, I design:

  • Easy to follow and easily adaptable whole class inclusive lesson plans,
  • Whole school after school programs
  • Gender inclusive catch up literacy and numeracy programs,
  • Integrated curriculum accelerated learning programs
  • Education in emergencies learning programs
  • Cross cultural awareness programmes for educators
  • Teacher continuing professional development (CPD) programmes

Country Specific Programmes

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